Top 6 Best Apps to Learn Ukulele in 2024

Ukulele is a popular and easy-to-learn musical instrument. Born and grown in Hawaii it spread to the rest of the world in the late 20th century and now it’s a common part of every genre of music.

That’s why people, especially youth and teens are attracted to Ukulele.

Well, even if it’s easy to learn, you need to know the basics of the ukulele to start with it. You need a good teacher who guides you through your musical journey. But the problem is, that finding a good ukulele teacher is not easy.

Here comes the role of Ukulele learning apps. These apps guide you like a teacher to learn the basic and advanced ukulele. Some of them are free and some of them charge you.

In this blog post, I will review the top 6 best apps to learn ukulele which would help you to go with the right one as per your need.

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8 Best Apps to Learn Ukulele

So, without wasting any more time, let’s find out those ukulele learning apps.

#1 Ukulele Tabs & Chords

Ukulele Tabs & Chords

The first app I want to introduce here is Ukulele Tabs & Chords. It is an Android app that benefits those who want to learn Uke tabs and chord charts.

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It is a social platform where thousands of players contribute.

If you are searching for an all-in-one app for ukulele chords and tabs then this is ideal for you.

In this app, you will not only get all the ukulele chords but also get all popular song chords and tabs chart for ukulele.

With 4 4-star rating and more than 1 million downloads, this ukulele learning app is your go-to ukulele teacher.

You will also get a tuner and strumming patterns to help you in your ukulele learning journey.

Also, you can save your own songs in this app for future reference.

How amazing this app is, right?

#2 Ukulele by Yousician

Yousician is a brand in the space of stringed instrument lessons and classes. It has multiple apps for different stringed instruments Guitar and Ukulele are the most downloaded apps in thier all apps.

In this app, you will get step-by-step videos, chord charts, tabs, and strumming patterns all designed for beginners.

Even you will get thousands of songs with chord and tab charts to progress gradually.

They also provide basic music theory, including notes and solfège which will help a complete beginner to understand the music theory related to Ukulele.

The feedback system in the Ukulele by Yousician is great. You will get real-time feedback about your practice sessions.

Overall this app is great for the ukulele beginners however it’s not free. You have to pay a monthly or yearly fee however they provide a 7-day trial which is great to understand how this app works.

#3 Kala Ukulele Tuner & Learn Uke

Kala Ukulele Tuner & Learn Uke was started as a ukulele tuning app however with time the creators added ukulele learning features to this app.

Now, you can not only tune your ukulele with this app but also practice your learning.

This app has thousands of songs to play along with them. You will also get step-by-step video lessons to learn the ukulele from the beginning.

There are also lessons to improve strumming skills with colored chord charts.

The adjustable backing track and lyrics feature is amazing. It guides you to hold the right chord at the right time within the song.

Overall this app is great for beginners as well as skilled ukulele players. Skilled players will get thousands of songs to jam with and beginners get step by step guide to learning the ukulele.

#4 Real Ukulele

Real Ukulele is a simulation of Ukulele with chords and tabs features that help you to play ukulele on your mobile or tab.

It helps you to learn ukulele chords and tabs with the right positions and lets you practice with ease.

However, it’s a simulation of the Ukulele so you don’t need a real instrument to play the ukulele. In fact, you can play with your mobile or tab.

Well, it’s not a full ukulele learning app, instead, it’s a virtual ukulele, you can use it to learn the ukulele physically because it has all the chords and tabs charts, songs, tuner, and other essential features to learn ukulele.

#5 Ukulele Companion

Ukulele Companion

Ukulele Companion is a great app for beginners and advanced ukulele players. It has several features that a ukulele learning app should provide.

But it’s only supported on iPads and iPhones which is quite annoying. There should be an Android version of the app to benefit Android users. maybe in the future, they will launch an Android app too.

Well, features like a dedicated ukulele tuner, 1900+ chord charts for different positions, scale charts, and alternate tuning are great.

The finger positions, intervals, or notes allow you to understand the positions graphically.

Auto Strum feature lets you hear the selected chord and manual strum lets you play the chords manually.

You will also get a metronome which helps you practice your timing with ukulele.

Overall, this app is great for all ukulele players but there should be an Android version to help facilitate the Android users.

#6 The Ukulele App

The Ukulele App is a companion app from “The Ukulele Teacher” which is one of the most popular ukulele YouTube channels.

This basic ukulele learning app provides features like Ukulele Tuner, Chord charts, Scales and step-by-step learning videos from thier YouTube channel.

If you want an online tutor who will teach you the Ukulele then this app is best for you.

As they have a Ukulele-related YouTube channel, they have a big library of videos that help you to learn ukulele fast.

The chord chart feature is great for learning the ukulele chords graphically and helps you progress faster.

Overall, this app is based on Youtube videos which makes it a good companion app but it’s not a full ukulele learning app.

Bottom Line

So, here were the 6 most popular and feature-rich apps to learn Ukulele. And this is the time to give my verdict about these apps.

Well, All apps are no doubt great for starting with your ukulele, however, “Ukulele Companion” is the best in this list for beginners and advanced ukulele players.

BUT, it’s not available on Android so “Ukulele by Yousician” takes the first position in this list. It has both Android and Apple version apps along with all the essential features.

So, FOR ME, Ukulele by Yousician is my first choice on this list. I don’t say that other apps are not good.

All are great apps and you should give a try to all of them and find which best suits your needs. before getting started with your Ukulele learning journey.

Suggest to me if I have missed any app in this list. I will definitely review that app and if found helpful, I will also add to this list.

Happy Ukulele Playing…


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